BAYAN 7107

SMS Blast

Message blasts are an affordable web-based SMS texting service that allows you to easily and simultaneously send text messages to a large number of cell phone users utilizing an automated messaging system.


Sending of a series of questions to your target audience to request their feedback, comments and suggestions.


LGU Reporting

LGU ticketing system for the government receives and organizes issue reports from both internal and external departments, with one streamlined platform, the IT team can easily access relevant tickets and provide quick resolution

24/7 911

It provides a quick and reliable way for citizens to report their emergencies. The network also allows for the fast and easy transfer of these emergency calls to a dispatch center from where they can be relayed to the officers in the field 24/7.


Cloud PTT

A cloud-based platform service that modernizes push-to-talk, moving well beyond its limitations at a push of a button.